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Why Consumers Bond with Some Brands for Life

At Evolve, our data and experience indicate that engaging clients effectively is foundational in building a successful organization in both B2B and B2C environments. Why? Because fully engaged customers are committed to the success of the companies with which they love to do business. They are loyal, easy to serve, and much more valuable to a company’s bottom line than their less engaged peers.

Evolve's Client Engagement Practice Leader, Dr. William J. McEwen, reveals in his book, Married to the Brand, why consumers bond with some brands - but not others. Additionally this book shows what companies must do to build enduring and profitable brand relationships. Dr. McEwen explains that "There's a crucial difference between a customer and an engaged customer. Gaining customers should never be a company's objective; building customer engagement should be." 

Visit our Client Engagement page to learn more about Evolve's scientifically validated metric for measuring Client Engagement, the Customer Commitment IndexTM.  This tool helps analyze and select the "drivers of engagement" that are most important to your clients and your organization.


Bill McEwen, PhD is Evolve Performance Group's Customer Engagement practice leader, Bill is responsible for consulting with executives, sales leaders, and employees to improve Customer Engagement levels in an effort to strengthen customer loyalty and improve customer profitability. Bill wrote Married to the Brand (Gallup Press, 2005) and is coauthor of "Inside the Mind of the Chinese Consumer," (March 2006 Harvard Business Review). Bill holds a master’s degree and doctorate from Michigan State University which awarded him its Distinguished Alumni award in 2004. He has published extensively in leading marketing and advertising journals, and is frequently asked to speak at conferences and industry events.





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