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7 Leadership Actions to Win In This New World of Work


I would like to suggest adding a #8 to Martin Zwilling’s excellent list of leadership actions. My #8 would be to conduct an integrated performance-based employee engagement survey program. A program of this nature would ensure the execution Martin’s suggestions.

I believe that employee engagement surveys needs to be viewed in a different light. An Employee Engagement Survey is a leadership tool that empowers leaders by providing them with insightful data and the opportunity for healthy dialog. Data that will generate conversations that improve employee engagement. Otherwise, leaders are mostly reacting to, and are talking about, employee disengagement.

Using Evolve Performance Group’s approach, leaders will have a tool to continuously send change management messages and receive updated feedback from employees. What impact would leaders have if they shared transparent data that generated authentic one-on-one conversations between managers and front-line employees?

In my view, Evolve Performance Group’s integrated employee engagement survey program supports each of the seven leadership initiatives suggested by Martin in his article. Here’s Martin’s what to do list and Evolve’s how to do it:

  1. True blue: Stay trustworthy beyond reproach. Providing the survey vehicle for employees to give their feedback confidentially builds trust.  Asking is authentic and the data is transparent.
  2. Kindly confident: project and inspire confidence. Asking for confidential feedback takes courage and exudes confidence as leaders prove their desire to be proactive and build the right work culture. Asking for and receiving feedback will inspire confidence in others.
  3. Enlightened: open your mind and constantly learn. An engagement survey should be complemented with quarterly check-ins by managers at all levels. This opportunity builds trust and creates a safe dialog of feedback. This will keep a leader’s mind open and allow them to constantly learn about possible improvements to their leadership and the company.
  4. Tenacious: be persistent in your pursuits. Survey data uncovers hot spots that can be addressed in a leader’s never ending pursuit for continuous improvement.  Strategic data creates the opportunity for tactical efforts to combat a failing status quo.
  5. Be uber-communicative: use all channels to connect. An integrated employee engagement survey program creates year-long opportunities to generate daily, weekly and quarterly conversations that will build healthy and deeper relationships at all levels. The survey creates meaningful reason for individual/team/business performance-based dialog.  If leaders are not talking about engagement – what are they talking about?
  6. Be dynamic: enable change in yourself and others. Leaders need transparent data to set or change expectations.  An employee engagement survey program gives leaders the data to identify opportunities for change and improvement.  Survey related quarterly manager check-ins support all employees by creating conversations to set expectations and goals – and then get recommendations to take action to achieve them.  
  7. Be playful: Have fun and try new things. Employees know there is not always budget for sand volleyball courts, nap rooms or other perks. However, if you link your engagement survey to business performance you can challenge your employees to meet financial (business performance) goals. Then reward them if they achieve them. Rewards and recognition when tied to financial metrics is a game that everyone understands and enjoys. This type of leadership presentation is very engaging.
  8. Don’t forget the employee engagement survey and not all employee engagement surveys or programs are equal.





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