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Are your dealership’s customers satisfied or are they engaged?

Are your dealership’s customers satisfied or are they engaged?

For years, we’ve been chasing Customer Satisfaction in the automotive industry. Here’s my question – Why are we aiming so low? Satisfaction is meeting the most basic of customer expectations. Is the new car full of gas? Is it cleaned and ready for delivery on time? Was the vehicle fixed right the first time? These are things that customers expect of us.
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A Customer Saved Is Worth a Customer Earned…Times 5

Do you know the lifetime value of your average customer? Has your organization determined their cost to acquire a new customer? I can’t think of a time anyone challenged the business strategy of spending money to get new customers. I challenge you to play the flip side of that argument and use the information and calculators provided in this article to come up with an estimated cost of what your organization spends on acquiring new customers each year and what they are worth.
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