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Measuring human capital in a buy-sell deal

Measuring human capital in a buy-sell deal

Employees, customers are as important as financials.

An employee engagement survey program provides a great tool for ownership and leadership. The employee engagement survey data and analysis creates the foundation for an integrated approach to manager engagement training, employee reviews and building a high-performance culture.

Ford, CEO of RFJ Auto Group in Plano, Texas, which owns 28 dealerships, learned a valuable lesson. "I would definitely pay to do an employee engagement survey in advance," he said. "There's that much value to it."

Happy [engaged] employees lead to better customer service, which in turn helps to win loyal and engaged customers. Customers who are defined as "fully engaged" with the dealership are worth an average of 23 percent more in profits, said Jeff Tobaben, CEO Evolve Performance Group.  Meanwhile, the "actively disengaged customer" delivers a 13 percent reduction in profits, he added.

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