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Turnover Costs are More Than You Think

Most will calculate about 60% of the person's salary and some training to determine their cost of turnover. When was the last time you calculated the other costs such as Lower Productivity & Product Quality + Lower Employee Morale + Lower Customer Service and Profit Margin + Lower Return on Investment for Marketing?

Now consider what would happen to your turnover costs if we helped you...

  1. Conduct a confidential, 3rd party, science-based employee and client engagement survey that is tied to business performance.
  2. Based on feedback and data from the survey, create the curriculum for manager training and leadership change management communication messages so you could share the results.
  3. Supplement training with job aids, manager scripts and quarterly performance review guides to generate healthy conversations and drive engagement.
  4. Provide ongoing recommendations to leadership to create transparency, accountability and support strategic planning and budgeting recruiting.
  5. Provide coaching to managers that supported the development of their action item plans and execution.
  6. Measure engagement at the six month and annual mark to provide before and after data to determine the effectiveness and return on investment for your employee engagement portfolio of solutions. (e.g., survey, training, perks, rewards, recognition, etc.).

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Idea Box: Tips for Avoiding High Employee Turnover: http://www.palletenterprise.com/view_article/4885/Idea-Box:-Tips-for-Avoiding-High-Employee-Turnover 





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