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Linking Leadership & Employee Engagement

Linking Leadership & Employee Engagement

“Leadershift: Take the workplace from loneliness to friendliness” - By Claudia Williams, October 27, 2017

An excellent article by Claudia Williams about leadership and engagement. I would like to provide an added “How to” perspective and put her Leadershift into the next gear.

Consider implementing an integrated performance-based employee engagement survey and manager/leadership training program. A program of this nature would ensure the execution of Claudia’s suggestions – the need to gain trust, loyalty, and respect, facilitate communication, and build workplace friendships.

The employee engagement survey (not an opinion or satisfaction survey) needs to be viewed as a leadership tool that empowers leaders by providing them with insightful data and opportunities for generating healthy dialogs at all levels within the company.

The process will create performance-based conversations that improve employee engagement and business performance. Otherwise, leaders will find themselves mostly reacting to and/or talking about employee disengagement. Our process moves the CEO and CHRO away from a tactical day-to-day transactional approach – to a healthier path of strategy and prevention.

Using Evolve Performance Group’s methodology, leaders will have a tool to continuously reinforce vision and mission, send change management messages about strategy and continuously receive updated feedback from employees. What impact would leaders have if they shared a transparent data generating process that created authentic one-on-one conversations between them and their managers, and their managers with front-line employees?

In my view, Evolve Performance Group’s integrated employee engagement survey and training program support two of Claudia’s primary and important leadership initiatives. Here’s Claudia’s what to do and Evolve’s how to get it done:

Facilitate Communication

  1. Employee engagement survey data uncover hot spots that can be addressed in a leader’s never-ending pursuit of continuous improvement. Data creates the opportunity to develop strategic efforts to combat a failing status quo – or to go from Good-to-Great.
  2. Providing the survey vehicle gives employees a chance for confidential feedback -- which builds trust. Asking is authentic and requesting feedback is transparent.
  3. Asking for confidential feedback takes courage and exudes confidence as leaders prove their desire to be proactive and build the right work culture. Asking for and receiving feedback will inspire confidence and drive respect.

Build Workplace Friendships

  1. Friendships build loyalty. All friendships start with a conversation. An integrated employee engagement survey program creates year-long opportunities to generate daily, weekly and quarterly conversations that will build healthy and deeper relationships at all levels. The survey creates the meaningful reason for individual/team/business performance-based dialog at quarterly check-ins. If managers and leaders are not talking about engagement – what are they talking about? Disengagement.
  2. Using StrengthsFinder as talent and behavioral assessment tool will help employees understand their natural talents and differences. The result is deeper more meaningful relationships – that some would define as a new friendship.
  3. If you celebrate at a social event or go to the ballgame, the combination of performance check-ins and talent assessments will give EVERYONE something to talk about between speeches or innings.

Please don’t forget not all employee engagement surveys or training programs are created equal.





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